Virtual Offices — Services, without the office

Who uses virtual offices and why?

Virtual offices are used in many ways by companies of all sizes. For example:

  • Start-ups that seek the professional image of a prestigious address
    • A home-based business in North Berwick may find a central Edinburgh address attracts more business
  • Small companies or individuals that need telephone answering services
    • It may not be economic for a small business whose staff is out in the field to employ a receptionist to ensure vital calls are not missed
  • Companies of all sizes testing the market or establishing a local presence
    • A multinational may want a local presence without having to commit to longer fixed expenses

These are just some of the scenarios where a virtual office provides a low cost, high convenience solution.

Notice periods can vary from between one and three months but as your needs change or business grows you can benefit from the flexibility of virtual office providers - extending your use of virtual office services or even moving into a serviced office.

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