What are meeting rooms?

What room layouts are available?

Business centres may be able to change to the layout of their meeting rooms to suit your requirements or may have dedicated rooms fit for purpose. The following are examples of the most popular rooms/layouts:

 Meeting room
Ideal meeting room environment, whether for a sales pitch, monthly team discussion or interviewing. Ideal for videoconferencing.

Formal layout providing an ideal setting for discussion and constructive meetings.

Tables set up to form individual teams, while still providing a central front-of-room focus. Good for team working and exercises.

Ideal for presentations using state of the art audio-visual equipment for larger numbers of delegates.

Classroom layout offers a great environment for training or presentations. Ideal where delegates are required to take notes from a front-of-room speaker.

Designed to promote learning. Provides a front-of-room focus, while also offer the chance for discussion between delegates. An ideal training environment.

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